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EISmaker™ Implements EIStar6D Protocol for Economic and Social Time Series

Economic and Social time series data have a number of measurement characteristics that make them difficult to deal with archivally. In response, the EIStar6D™ logical protocol for the Management of Economic and Social Time Series has been developed during the past 15 plus years in order to permit substantial data bases to be created that can then efficiently serve as distribution points via a desktop EISpoint™. The effect is at last the ability to create what can be defined as distributive data bases, as compared to analytic data bases, such as those historically developed during the past 40 years by a number of organizations including the Alphametrics Corporatation, Chase Econometrics, Data Resources, Haver Analytics, and Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates.

As implemented in the EISmaker™ multidimensional time series relational data base manager system, the EIStar6D™ protocol specifically permits time series to be defined in terms of a set of characteristics jointly that include the geographic area to which the data refer, the transformations that have been previously performed (including such filtering operations as seasonal adjustment, as well as the statement of values in index number form), the observational frequency, and the chronological intervals and points in time to which observations refer or for which estimated values have been published historically. The revolutionary result is a new type of economic and social time series data base system that can be classed as real-time, multi-temporal, and distributive.

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