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 The Practice of Econometric Theory
The Practice of Econometric Theory. An Examination of the Characteristics of Econometric Computation is a book published by Springer in July 2009 that comparatively describes OLS misspecification tests offered by MODLER and the other existing econometric software packages, providing for the first time a reasonably comprehensive statement of the range of test statistics each program offers, as well as the particular characteristics of the individual offerings. The formulae used are identified, including a number of variants: econometric software packages neither use the same names for particular test statistics nor calculate them in exactly the same way. The book is based upon a multi-year interactive survey of the developers and vendors of econometric software packages. The Practice of Econometric Theory also considers the historical development of this type of software and some of the chracteristics of its use. The book is a part of a general collaborative effort among these software developers to discover and publicize the characteristics of the existing econometric software available to economists. It is available worldwide from bookstores, as well as from Amazon and other online vendors.
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